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some people here had been asking for more details on my beauty, so here you go:

I am looking for 19.500.-- Euros, what is a fair price for the condition of the car. It`s NOT concourse standard, you need to do minor cosmetics if you want it concourse, (if you are a paint-freak you would repaint it in the next 5-8 years, it had been repainted in 1990 and has about 7-8 MINOR, tiny scratches) but it`s in serious good condition overall and technically it`s like a new car, everything refurbished/overhauled except breaks (`cause they are good, and I was happy with them). It drives like hell and it`s funtastic to „throw” it around corners!

I bought the car for 12.000.-- Euros at a classic-dealer in Franceningo (Pordenone) in 2003, I had a 105-specialist with me and he reckoned he never saw a 105-body as good, that was the main-reason I bought it!

It was mechanically refurbished/upgraded in 2004-2005 from zero, what costed 18.000.-- Euros all together. So the whole investment was 30.000.-- Euros.
I have all the invoices (except for the working time), photos of the job, the Italian documents and an Austrian registration

I am not very good in technical English, but here is a (not complete!) list what had been done on the car (by professional company SpiderSport, specialized on Alfa/Fiat)

thats new (or overhauled):

cable tree
all lights
cardan shaft
brake booster
Hardy disk
cylinder head overhauled
new pistons/cans
new crankshaft/bearings
new oil pump
delivery valve/admission valve
gaskets/guidances/cam chains
engine gasket
head gasket
complete gear transmission with upgraded first gear
new and upgraded performance cooler
transmission mounting
gasoline pump
revmeter overhauled with new parts
tachometer overhauled with new parts
heating system new
spark plug cable set
ITG sport-aircleaner
GTA high-performance header
complete GTA-exhaust
all gaskets
the suspension is as new, everything new like track rod heads, stabilizer gums, sockets, supporting joint
new and stronger springs
Bilstein shock absorbers
steering is new
new leather steering wheel

and lots more....

comes with original tyres (complete) as well

kind regards



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looks nice.

good luck with the sale.
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