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Fitting a clutch slave cylinder

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I'm currently adding the ancillery parts to my 1.7 twin carb engine that I have reconditioned/modified (will post some pictures soon). I recently added a new clutch slave cylinder.

The cylinder is held in by a single circlip. I have heard that the cylinder is supposed to sit loose and rotate a little but not move back and forward. After fitting my cylinder it moves back and forward and rotates as well. Is this normal/okay? I have noticed that the slave cylinder on my 16v car also moves back and forth and rotates.
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should be fine, once its mated up with the clutch lever it will be pushed onto the circlip and backward and forward movement shouldn't matter so much.
How much forward and backward movement? Rotation is normal, as long as its not a real loose fit. Is it the original slave or a replacement one? if so, does it look the same as the old one?
i have one on my spare motor without the grearbox attached and it has heaps of play (about 2mm) backwards and forwards and even sideways.

another thing worth comparing is the clutch release fork. some of my spares have a round hole where they fit on the pivit pin, and others have a sideways elangated hole.
btw, hows the restoration going, london?
will you be posting pics?
The clutch slave cylinder is a new one. I alays felt that they are supposed to move before the gbox is connected. I took a look at my 16v slave and it moves like crazy. I guess the guys that told me it shouldn't move are presuming that my engine is connected to my gbox, but mine isn't yet.

I ended up having to let my series 2 go (the one in my display pic) because it was definitely too far gone unless I had 20 years of welding experience or £10,000. Unfortunately I have neither.

My attention has moved to my Alfa 33 s3 16v. I'm doing quite an unusual project with it. I've ditched the 16v motor in favour of a 1.7 8v engine and gbox that I have built. The gbox is is reconditioned standard but the engine has been breathed upon; wilder cams, higher compression pistons and 44 idf webber's.

Internet at home is currently down so i'm using line at work, when it's back on-line I will post some pics.
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Some pictures of the carby engine I have built.


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