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First Giulietta Spider Hybrid??

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I've just received an electric fan for the radiator from Centerline.

This includes the means to secure it to the rad, as well as a thermostatic on-off switch that is adjustable.

At first I thought I would install it on the inside as a puller, but over some wine last night--well enough to provide the foundation for brilliance-- I came up with THE idea.

Mount it on the front and and when the thermostat does not have it engaged for cooling, the air flow will drive it like a windmill. With likely simple wiring this will generate current into the system.:) I'm sure that Gordon or Terry would have some advice on the details.

The mind boggles at the opportunity of not only turning hydrocarbons into fabulous exhaust sounds, but also being able to turn the kinetic energy into electrical power.:):)

All the those "carbon credits" to be gained and it would likely offset at least one and a half people's worth of guilt just for living on the planet.:):):)
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How much wine?

Gad! :eek: I NEVER considered that:cool:! Whak kind of wine was it:rolleyes:?

:DGordon Raymond
I fitted an electric radiator fan to my Sprint GT a few years ago, also a 'pusher' style. I also fitted an override switch under the dash so I could keep it running if stuck in traffic, and also fitted a discreet light to let me know when it comes on. I hate to tell you, Subtle, but, although your theory is good, at night this fan barely generates enough juice to make the little warning light glow faintly!

Before making any firm conclusions, perhaps we all should drink some more wine--brilliance is best shared.:p

The wine----some BC Merlot.
I'll work on it!

:p Gordon Raymond
In the cold light of day, I might have been having a "perpetual motion" moment.

Such inspirations should not be just the privilege of the left or of those in government.:p

Back to reality--the fan is the Derale "Toronado", which in the 12-inch diameter moves some 880 cfm of air and is 2.44 inches thick. There is a probe for the thermostat that is placed in the core and a rheostat to adjust the on-off temp. :)

It looks like it will require tilting the rad forward to get sufficiant room for the install.:(

But..hey--it will only be on when needed and otherwise and at speed the noise that the mechanical fan always generates will be eliminated.:):)

Plus a few HP more.:D

The guys at Centerline have been using them on their 105s but don't directly know of a 101 install.
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Why would you want to put an electric fan into a 101?

The mechanical fan is always noisy, and the electic fan will only be on when needed.

Another reason is to pick up a few HP.

Hopefully, it can be installed on the inside of the rad, but it looks tight.

In case you are concerned about the originality of the car--I bought it a year ago and it had a 1600 in it as well as the 5-speed. It also had the "big" brakes front and rear.

With the alternator installed with the 2 L it has lots of juice to run the fan when running slow on a hot day.:)
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