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My 86 Spider died as I was entering driveway. It literally coasted to a stop. After a little troubleshooting I saw their was no fuel pressure at rail. I subsequently found the in-line fuse before fuel pump drive relay blown. I then also discovered that it was a 30 amp fuse and the drawings say it should be 8amps. Evidently the former owner found that a 30 worked and I just never had occasion to check it out until now.

I'm going to create a little test jumper with a fuse holder, put them on each pump (one at a time), use an 8 amp fuse and then see what blows.

I checked for continuity to ground on the non-power side of the fuse socket and found none so there is no wire shorting to ground. I figure one of the pumps is for some reason drawing a lot of current.

Before proceeding I thought I'd throw this out there seeing if someone else has had similar issue.
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