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Father's Day Car Show in Beverly Hills

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Did anyone go to the car show last weekend on Rodeo Road in Beverly Hills? Anything interesting?
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I have gone for a few years now, and this year's was good, but not great.

Alfa-wise there were two there. A 1900 coupe, which was nice. The other was a Guillieatta SS. IMHO, that one was stunning. Of course, they did not allow you up to the cars, but it looked from 7-8 feet like an over 90-point car to me. The paint was mirror-like and the interior looked spot on. The owner should be very proud and then hit Angeles Crest Highway or PCH (above SLO) with it this summer. As you might be able to tell, I would love to buy a Guilia SS, so I may be a bit prejudiced, but first I have to finish my '69 and then save, save, save for that SS.

Additionally, there were two Enzos and a few interesting older Ferrari's of note; a 275 GTB Competition and a Boano Coupe, but nothing like the first year I went, when they had quite a few one-offs. That year had the "second" oldest surviving Ferrari there and it was only roped off by a foot or two. Beautiful car!

Anyways, sorry for the essay. See you all at Fuddruckers.

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