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Fast Idle and oil in Intake

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Hi Guys.
2 issues.
1991 164 B, Manual

1. Today the car developed a fast Idle that won't go away. When warm, idles between 2000 and 2300 rpm
What I've done - Mass airflow sensor cleaner on AFM and throttle body. Several weeks ago clean idle air controller, replace rubber seal with Napa part. Clean Oil/Air separator, replace hoses. Replaced fuel line hoses (9mm) and short vacuum line to regulator.

2. Problem 2 rough idle when warm. some oil had dripped below separator - Oil dripping down the rubber intake plenum into the air filter box. Fix, 6 months ago cleaned out oil separator, overnight in carb cleaner, new hoses. 3 weeks ago cleaned out separator again with brake cleaner. New hose from separator can for drain pipe, cleaned out drain pipe with carb cleaner and welding rod.

To these separators ever fail for good? Anybody figured out a substitute?

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