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Hello everyone, just a wee post here for anyone who might fancy a little fun through the Formula 1 season by making their very own team !!

Im sorry its a little late but i was only linked this today on another Alfa forum and just had to sign up/share it. But its a totally free (after signup) Fantasy Formula 1 season.

Not much to explain about it, so il just put the link here for anyone else who might be interested: Free to Play Fantasy F1 Competition - Fantasy Racers 2012

Personally i went for the non-changeable drivers option. Then i bought 3 relatively consistent drivers. Seb Vettel, Jenson Button and Kimi Raikkonen - hes my favourite racer ever, so was a no brainer !! How many points will he bring ?? More than people might credit him for in my opinion :D

Anyone who might sign up - share here what you went for :cool:
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