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Facet Fuel Pump - So Loud?

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Hi, I have just recently converted my RHD 2000 GTV with Webers to an electrical Facet fuel pump to overcome fuel starvation/priming issues when starting (it used to take 5 or 6 turns of the key to get the car started). The pump is mounted in the engine bay alongside the radiator and in front of the Webers. Seems to be working fine but at times get a really noisy mechanical "clacking" sound. Is this usual? At other times, it is quiet and barely noticeable above the sound of the engine. Should I go back to the original mechanical pump (which is still fitted but not connected), try a different make of pump or mount the pump in a different location? Advice please? Thanks!


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It looks like it's hitting the overflow tank strap and/or radiator. That'll cause it to make more noise.

Best place to mount the fuel pump is as close to the tank as possible to reduce flow problems, so in back would be better. That said I've seen them work in the engine bay.
Yes, they push better than they pull. The downside of mounting by the tank is having to run a hot wire all the way back there, but it's not that big a deal. Bonus is, the pump is farther from you and quieter.
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Its also plumbed in after the regulator which is no good. Tire Auto part Brake Rim Suspension

There's a good spot under the car at the front of the rear seats.
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Its also plumbed in after the regulator which is no good.
Oof...missed that. Yeah, that's really bad.
You should also mount the pump with rubber isolators (see the picture below and the one in post #4) to minimize vibration transmitted between the pump and chassis. The car's unibody serves as a sounding board for the pumps vibrations when you use a metal mounting bracket. But don't forget to run a ground wire when you use rubber mounts.

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Yes those Facet pumps are very noisy, the rubber mounts strongly recommended. But it sounds like yours is vibrating against something sometimes so fixing that may make a big improvement.
I just went through some similar, although with the pump mounted under the rear seat area. At first it had no rubber dampers and was quite noisy. Then added rubber dampers and much improved. Can't hear it at all when the car is running now.
All good advice - thanks. Think I'll try rubber mounts first before moving it. I took another look and it was quite close to the overflow bottle strap. Will wedge a bit of rubber in there as a precaution. I am new to classic Alfas so learning fast!
Hi, you are missing the most important point: these pumps need to be mounted close & low-down to the fuel tank as possible to prevent too much air going thru the pump which will kill it prematurely. The position under the back seat shown in a previous post is the best (& factory option) place for electric fuel pumps. Air may be part of your noise issue as well, but rubber isolators should also be used for mounting in the low position too.
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Mount near the tank and in my opinion faucet is not a good fuel pump. Mr Gasket sells a low psi electric pump and the number is #42S that you might want to look into in the future. My 2 cents.
OK got it. Made up my mind to move it now and just ordered a fuel filter and pair if rubber mounts. Thanks again.
Jonwest, just a follow up. I finished the pump of (customers car) today. The picture might give you some ideas.You need to cut the hard fuel line to splice in the pump. This is a road rally car so the fuel filter is in the boot but importantly before the pump.
Make sure you use the pressure regulator and check its filter.
Power supply in via a battery isolation switch correctly wired to also kill the ignition, you will probably pull power off the fuse box. Earth is straight to the clean metal floor pan under the rubber mount. You need to check the fuel pressure at the carbs once you have finished.

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Good to know - thanks. Think I will get my nearest classic alfa garage to do this job for me. Mine is a road car. I also noticed that the Facet installation instructions recommend that the cube pump is mounted at 45 degrees but doesn't say why - any ideas? Does it really matter?

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Sorry I don't know the exact reason for the 45 degree mounting angle however I always follow the mounting instruction and I know they always specify that.
one other quick suggestion- make sure that the ground wire uses a good screw/bolt connection....I used the bracket mount and have had the nut back off resulting in intermittent engine cut-out...caused me fits troubleshooting
Yes, they push better than they pull.
The other big advantage is that under the car is almost always cooler than under the hood! Also, bolting to under-car metal gives both a more solid perch and a better ground.
I've used the low pressure Facet pump on 2-MGB's. a Triumph Spitfire w/DD Weber, and a Midget. All but one have been is use for years with no problems, except one for the Midget was defective. I can barely hear the pump running
unlike the old Lucas pumps. Looks like the pump has the reverse flow [reventor brass fitting on the output side. The
rubber pads make a big difference in sound. Chief Bre
Yes, it's strange. At times it's very quiet and other times very noisy. Not sure why. Does anyone have experience of this Huco suction pump which can be mountef in tbe engine bay?
And if anyone ever wondered what is inside a Facet cube valve here is a still shot tsken from a Youtube video...
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