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Have developed a "Popping" from the exhaust on acceleration until the revs get up to 4K or so. After that an occasional "Pop" while cruising. This started about 4 days ago. It does not sound like pre-ignition.

Here is what I have checked:
Timing is dead on (35 degrees advaced at 5K); new plugs gapped as before; cam timing right on; valves within spec; no fuel pressure light coming on except as it should at key turn; new fuel filters; fuel lines drained and flushed a couple of weeks ago; new points, condensors, and rotor, gapped and double checked; Long rod and pump gap set correctly and TA working properly; butterflys look to be set together and working correctly; new coil (Bosch Blue) and new plug wires (Magnacore 8.5's) checked for resistance and on spec. I think thats about it.

If I let off the accelerator a tad and sort of lightly pump it, "Popping" goes away until I shift gears again. It does sound more like a fuel shortage problem rather than an ignition problem, but after years of mis-diagnosing automotive conditions, I could be wrong. :eek:

Oh, Most of the new stuff was put on a month or so ago and has been working beautifully until now.

What have I forgotten to check? Any ideas?

As always thanks in advance,
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