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Yesterday was the first day of safely driving the new-to-me Milano in public roads. The nice guys at Barber Alfa in Sacramento replaced the brake master cylinder and rear calipers, and refilled the transaxle with Redline NS. I've got a few things that still need attention, and first on the list is gonna be a leaky & clunky exhaust. I think it may be slightly plugged, too - the car is pretty gutless above 4000rpm.

I'm interested in replacing everything from the cat back - I'd love to throw on some headers, but I'm worried about them not passing California emissions so they're out of the plan.

I've read about Ansa, Stebro, Borla and I don't feel particularly gung ho about any of them. I've got a Stebro on my 164Q, but I guess I have misgivings about an exhaust system that costs more than the car itself, especially when other things need attention.

I'm looking at maybe throwing something together myself as I've done on my SPG and XR4Ti... they both have big 3" systems for lots o' boost, and that obviously isn't a consideration here. I've not put much thought/research into NA solutions.

Any recommendations on a catalytic converter & muffler, and any gotchas I need to be aware of in running the pipe? I'm thinking a collector before the cat and a single 2.25" pipe... I'm not concerned about keeping it stock, but I don't want to kill the exhaust note. I'm not worried about a slight increase in volume so long as it sounds good and doesn't drone.

Thanks for any thoughts!
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