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I have a pair of excellent in every way (except one) right door and left door mirrors for sale. The paint is great (only 21K miles on the '91 they were removed from, the lenses are excellent, electrics work perfectly. BUT - the posts are locked in place, and therefore the mirrors do not rotate.

The climate controlled location where I store the car for the winter has an entrance that is too narrow for the car WITH the mirrors extended, so for a couple of years I had to remove one of the mirrors to store the car. this past winter I bought two new mirrors, had them painted to match the car, and replaced the ones that are now for sale (looked for 3 years for a set of good used ones, but didn't find them). Replacements had to be perfect, as the car is a 1st and 2nd place winner at the New Hope auto show the two times it was displayed.

Price is $200 for either mirror, or $375 for the pair, including shipping within the USA. Foreign (including Canada) shipping would be more. PayPal is accepted, as are personal checks.

Pictures are available - send me an e-mail for best response. They will be sold to the first person that pays!!


Gary Knox
West Chester, PA 19382
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