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Ow ow ow!

Oh man my sides are hurting! What a funny thread this turned out to be! Ben? Yoda? Help!

Thanks for clearing up the shot of my red GTV! I must need glasses, I've never seen her look so sad.

I'm not sure it's the 1600 bringing her down. Perhaps it's the impending dismantling. I keep trying to console her by telling her that he body will live on as a street rod.

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I made them !

You need:
FIMO or similar modeling clay
large cookie sheet
waxed paper
large diameter rolling pin
old (cracked ?) headlights
duct tape
clay modeling tool with diamond shaped sharp cutting edge
paint prep cleaner solvent
paint matching car
clearcoat compatible with base colour
bodyshop mounting tape

I had two old cracked headlight lens to use as molds. I marked off the outer line I wanted the lids to follow with duct tape. Then I rolled out FIMO modeling clay ( found in craft stores ) very carefully with as little refolding as possible to avoid air bubbles, into sections large enough to cover each headlight. I rolled it in a cookie sheet between layers of waxed paper - paying careful attention to get a consistant thickness. I draped the clay over the headlight forms and then cut slightly oversized around marked lines. Using the molding tool, I sliced darts where there was excess material, so it could conform without wrinkles. Using a spoon, I smoothed the edges of the cuts together. Then trimmed the overall shape to the final desired shape. Finished the edges with the spoon, and then baked the headlight forms with clay, in the oven for the suggested time ( do it on a warm day with windows open, as it can be stinky ).

Let the parts cool completely. Carefully pry around the edges of the eyelid until it pops off the form. Let the part out-gas for several days to improve paint adhesion. Sand very lightly and then clean with paint prep. Paint according to directions. Install with tape.

There you have it !

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This is the ultimate warrior! Has some battle wounds, missing right tooth and some paint chips. But he's a lean, mean fighting machine. He'll get up in your grill YO!


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