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For those of you that don't know about this event, EuroSunday, it is generally a gathering of European sports cars at a local in the Sacrmento area, where you can oogle the cars and talk with owners. What shows up...well, some really nice hardware. Today there was a new Ford GT40, several Ferrari's, a few Lamborghinis, a Maserati, Bricklin, BMW's, Porsche's (911T, 928, 924), several Pantera's, MB 550SL, and others.

Today was a fund raiser for a local organization, Sacramento Child Advocates. The rally was about 125 miles long and ended up at the Bella Piazza winery in Plymouth CA. From the start we hit a couple of check points in the Sacramento area and then headed out of town to some spirited driivng on the back roads. :D Most fun I have had in my Q for a while. I found out just what the Q will do, alot more than I imagined. A wonderful car on acceleration, cornering and braking. I set the shocks to "sport mode" and really got into the corners on one back road. :D

The winery hosted the luncheon, while we were holding tickets for a raffle of some great prizes that were donated. The day was perfect at the winery with the sun behind the clouds holding temperatures to the 70's, great company and good food with wine.

I will post some pictures in the picture room as soon as I can get them downloaded from the camera.

Mike Deveroux, president of the Delta Chapter won an award on the rally in his 164S.

The Q returned 22.5 mpg combined back road "spirited driving" and freeway driving coming home. :)

We need more Alfa's! Come out next month and run with us.
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