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Europe Strike's back

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With the help from the guys over here in the USA the Savali 3.5 164 L is back and running..Thanx for your help....

Boyd Big Thanx :lol: :cool:

The 164 USA in Holland is new born and driving :D, there are a small electric problems, we gone fix it for sure... and we have next weekend Alfa Fest aka Spettacolo Sportivo on the TT Assen circuit, the same circuit where next week the Champ-Cars are running from the USA in Europe/ Holland, so I will keep you in touch, thanx for the help overhere guys;) :cool:
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Wow, sweet ride!! So, how much horsepower does the savali engine make?
Wow, what an engine compartment.
I have the urge to clean.
Wow, what an engine compartment.
My jaw dropped when I saw the engine compartment... the high-polish on the intake tubes, the black castings with polished script, the extreme cleanliness of everything around the engine. It's unbelievable!

What are those additional connectors - one visible at the bottom of my pic below - one on each side, they look like the ABS connectors? I am guessing you have installed 'S' shock absorbers?

Is that a plastic fuel filter attached to the fuel injector rail? (circled in red) I personally would not trust a plastic filter on a fuel-injection setup - I thought the pressure was ~40psi? Metal filters are the way to go IMHO. The car already has one underneath.

EDIT: I see, from a search for 'Savali', that this car has had an interesting full rebuild (rust hole near the rear suspension?), and that Alfisto Steve already noticed the fuel filter...

Top work! Well done to get the project finished at last!



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Are those 17 or 18 inch wheels? They look awesome!
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