My Latest SPICA FI To Euro Carb Conversion Kit:

Euro Weber Carb Conversion Assembly (to replace SPICA FI), Matched Set Of Rare Late (before Spanish production) Italian Weber 40 DCOE 151's, Disassembled, Cleaned, Media Blasted, & Inspected, Jetted For 2L Euro Motor, New Throttle Shafts & Throttle Shaft Bearings, Most Hardware New, New Carb Blocks, Late Type Manifold Media Blasted (thermostat integrated into water outlet), New Intake Manifold Gasket, New Water Outlet/Thermostat, New SS Water Outlet, New Water Temp Sender, New Bleed Valve, New Short & Long Throttle Rods, Complete Carb Throttle Linkage & Bell Crank, Euro Air Cleaner Assembly With New Air Filter & Mounting Clamps, Carb Support Strut, New SPICA Block Off Plate & Bypass Hose, Rebuilt (filter, seal, diaphragm) Fuel Filter/Regulator, Everything Needed To Replace The SPICA System Except For Low Pressure Fuel Pump, Rebuilt/Restored Perfect, PM Me For Price & Particulars. SOLD