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I have posted this question on the 4C Forum and still haven't found a solution, maybe someone here can help or point me in the right direction.
I have a 2015 LE, I purchased and installed a pair of euro tailights. The problem is that US versions have a different flash patterns on brake and directional functions. The euro when braking has just have the LED light ring illuminate, the US version the directional lens also illuminates. When turning, the euro just has the center lens illuminate which is orange, the US version has the center lens light and also the same LED light ring light while using the directional.
My goal and maybe pipe dream is to get my euro lens to operate in euro mode.
I have tried coding different proxy settings via the Multiecuscan tool using info provided to me to no avail. With Canbus I'm fairly certain a coding thing, but I don't know what I should change to accomplish this. I'm sure there's a way, but no one is talking, apparently these codes are top secret, Shhhhhhhh. Thanks for looking and hope someone can help. Thanks

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You are right, this should be simple.

I have tried getting some coding that would allow me to change the configuration of one of the our newer Alfas. I wasn't trying to change to Euro spec, simply trying to swap from one configuration (the one the car came with) to a new configuration because of added equipment. I was also willing to pay a dealership tech to reflash the BCM with the coding provided. The response from Alfa was a hard and fast NO!

I don't think they want the liability of enabling such changes.

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Fran.. mustn't mess with mother nature.. I have a feeling there are different mother boards between the two cars and you can't throw a course correction on it because one is programmed for the Disney Channel and the other one is programmed for Net-fiix....I would bet the US version also has a program built in to meet mileage requirements on Ethanol based fuels that aren't in Euro cars and if you start rerouting the programs for lights other things get scrambled.. like when you turn your steering wheel to the left, the car goes right. Read the Hidden Costs of Owning Super Cars.

I had my airbags recalled and tranny worked on in a MB 2006 and the sunroof and clock went haywire each time. It took another hour of plug-in and wait for the computer to be "re-initialized" to correct it.
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