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euro-sunday, sacramento

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sad..:(:(.....i was the only alfa romeo to show up.:eek:..come-on guys/girls..... i know of a least 30=35 alfa romeo's in sacramento..... even 2, 2002 bimmers' showed up..
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In town this Sunday (4/10)

Is Euro-Sunday happening this week? Won't have the Alfa but would like to come and support the marque. Thanks.

sorry, last sunday of the month here, but on the 15 april, red line inn accross from aren fair a meet of some sort, just go euro sundays, sacramento, site and look around
I'd like to start going to EuroSunday (when my Alfa looks less sad) just for fun. Is it a novice-friendly type of gathering? My car is certainly not pristine, and I've never taken it to any kind of event.
don't worrie about what you car looks like, just show up...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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