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Hello fellow Alfisti
Not sure if there is still an active scammers list out there, but this is my post to admin a while ago.
It doesn’t seem to have posted to the wider community. Don’t know if you can help?
Leap year update: Feb 29th: The same car has just resurfaced on AutoScout24, but in a different Italian town. 6500 euros.....

For my colleagues far and wide, but especially those of us in Europe, look out for the following:
If you use OldCar24, there is a beige 1972 Giulia super 1600 in 2 ads (in Italian) one with a “request price” and the other with a lowball euro price, when you look at the quality in the pictures. Too good to be true?
Of course...firstly, most advertisers don’t have a problem with you knowing which town the car is in, but these ads just say “it” for Italy in the location....I have had a protracted email chain conversation with the supposed owner, who does have documentation, and extra photos. However, all he seems to want is a healthy deposit...
If you want specific data, I have more, but I don’t want to put everything out at once in case there is a legitimate vendor out there. Final point, the emails disappeared once I started talking about “compra-venta” the normal sales contracts used in Europe.
Just be careful with something looking too good to be true, and don’t send deposit ahead of viewing.
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