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euro bumper weight

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I have a potential alfetta gt front bumper supplier who's suggesting, maybe unknowingly (it's used, still attached to car), that its 50 LB's to ship to the US I'm thinking more like 10-15, maybe 16 -18 with over-riders, maybe another pound or two more with misc hardware, max. Anyone know actual bumper or bumper/over-rider weight?
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Specific to your question, no.
However for what it's worth, once boxed, front and rear Alfetta bumpers (with overriders) had the following dimensions/weight:
160cm x50 cm x 18cm - 15kg

Therefore your weight estimate for one bumper seems closer to true. However how and with what they are packaged (if anything) is not trivial to the overall dimensions and weight. Actual weight might not come into play here as at these sizes, dimensional weight will probably be the determining factor.
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