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Euro Airbox question

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I just took my airbox in to be powder coated and once I had it off the car, I noticed there was another inlet that was not being used. There is a diverter lever that opens and closes it. I bet I am missing a hose that connects to this inlet and then to something else. What is the something else? Also what is this inlet for and should it be open or closed? Thanks


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That's the warm air pipe fitting. It's used to plumb warm air from a stove on either the exhaust manifold or near the right engine mount (depending on the model) during cold ambient temperatures. There is a lever on the nose of the airbox to choose intake of either cold air or warm air.
Thanks Jim, I am still learning.
Howieb4 (et al):

I have a question for you -

I am putting an airbox just like the one in Howieb4's picture into my early stepnose. The cast aluminum piece fits with plenty of room to spare, but the "snout" of the steel part interferes with the right hand horn. That is, the snout extends so far forward, that it occupies the same space as the horn & horn bracket. I just determined that I have this problem the other day, and haven't fully resolved how I'll correct it.

Probably I will section the snout, taking out the warm air mixing valve, and shortening the overall length. Here in S. Calif., my need for heated air is minimal. How have others solved this problem?

So, how did Alfa solve this on the cars that these airfilters were designed for? Did Alfa simply reposition the RH horn to provide room for the snout? And, why does the snout need to be so long? I believe that here in the States, 105's either had Webers with "crossover" air filter set-ups, or Spica; I don't think that the airbox pictured in Howieb4's posting was ever delivered in the US - hence the local name for these, "Euro Airboxes".
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I think the later cars only had a horn on the left side (true for Euro 69 GTVs and 74 GTVs I've owned)
There are different versions of the airboxes. The early ones don't have the horn and there are horns in different lenghts. The ones with horns will arguably give better cold air feed.

You can just move your right side horn to the left onto the same bracket as the left one and if necessary slightly bend the horn bracket out of the way or you can get a middle generation 1750GTV Euro air box without horn - not the really early one (crossover) and not the late one either(with horn like 2-liter).
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