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So after over 12 years I’m finally getting my Alfa Romeo Spider S3 1987 back together. It’s been a long long road with several issues and mounting costs.. I should add that she is a Bosch FI engine.

So today’s task was to turn the engine over for the first time for years. I followed the recommendations given in regards to turning an engine over that has been sat for a while, oil and Lubs ect. I checked all the wiring, followed the workshop manual, my notes and pictures from stripping her down. An alternator, starter motor and most everything else has been fitted new on the engine.

After priming the engine manually I turned the key, good news is she turned over. However on turning the ignition off the engine continued to turn over. I had to disconnect the battery to get her to stop. I’ve tried three times with the same outcome.

I have just rechecked the wiring, all seems in order and now I’m stumped, so now reaching out for help and advice from across the forums. Thank you in advance.

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