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So I went out for some of the usual shopping this morning--including picking up some Mobil 1 synthetic oil.

Stopped by Lordco parts, knowing they would surely have some. They open at 8 am and I arrived at 8:30. It took two trips to get 7 litres to the counter, only to find the check out girl was late getting in.

Left them on the counter to go to the SuperStore for groceries--said I would be back.

Along with the groceries, the Store had Mobil 1 at $27.99 for 4.4 litres, or $6.34 per L.

Lordco's price was $10.05/L and it was not available in the 4.4 L size.

Giulietta will be pleased.:), don't know what the checkout at Lordco is thinking.:p

Had enough points at the Superstore to pay for two of the 4.4 L containers.:D
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