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Engine number on 156 JTS 2003

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I've just bought a 2003 2.0L JTS Selespeed and before I can get it registered mechanics apparently need to remove part of the manifold to access the engine number stamp for inspection. This work is being quoted at around 4 hrs and $400 or so.

Does this sound legit or is this mechanic trying to take me for a ride? Are the engine numbers in the JTS really so difficult to access?

Would love some help or advice,


Danielle aka Tads
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Here is the location, maybe it can be seen by using small mirror ? Is the engine changed or why they want to see it from block?
Hi Vsix,

Thanks for your reply, I'm fairly sure this model isn't a t-spark but it's probably in the same location.

I have purchased the car from interstate and here in .au the road registration authorities are aggressive in ensuring the identify of vehicles that are newly registered in a state to ensure it hasn't been built from stolen parts and then given legitimacy with a new registration.

It does look like a difficult location but I will suggest a mirror. I suspect they're keen to pull the manifold out instead as it's more $$$ for them.

Thanks again,

Danielle aka Tads
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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