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Engine mount/ stand for Giulia 1600 normale

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I'm considering using the engine mount from this site:

I want to use this for a 1963 Giulia Spider Normale 1600 engine.

Has anyone used this?
How did you like it?
Does anyone have one they would like to sell? I tried sending an E mail to Jim Steck & it bounced back. There is a PDF drawing of this mount & I could have my welder make one.

Muffler Auto part

Auto part Engine Vehicle Machine

Larry McKeough
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Use mine all the time. Works great!
Thanks Erik,

It's hard to tell from the photos, what holds the adapter into the engine stand? Also if you turn the motor is there a way to secure it?


Larry, the adaptor has holes which line up with the engine stand. You just put a pin (screwdriver) through the hole in the position you want. On mine there is a hole every 90 degrees. If you have Alfa motors apart routinely like I do, it is a very valuable tool!

Is Steck still selling them? I thought Biba was now making them. If nothing else, it wouldn't be difficult to make one if you have a welder.
Hey Eric,
I'm looking to buy one of these. Sorry I dont know but who is Biba?

Guy in California who restores old cars including Alfas. I believe he has a current thread on GTV door hinges. You should be able to find him that way.
. . . I'm looking to buy one of these. Sorry I dont know but who is Biba? . . .

Unknown if he has what you seek. Not on his web page.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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