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Engine idle

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I would appreciate any feedback.

Recently picked up my car (1971 GTV) from shop after having head done. Going in I explained that the injection system was out of wack - burning rich, not idling right, etc. Upon putting everything back together he adjusted the injection. While it runs much better there is one issue that is not right.

When the engine is cold it idles perfectly. Once the engine comes up to operating temperature it idles at 1600 - 1700 RPM. Sometimes though it will idle correctly. On several occasions, at a stop, it started idling at 1700 and slowly settled down to 1000. The thermostatic actuator is approximately 3 years old and has about 3000 to 3500 miles on it. I know it could be the actuator but does anyone else have any ideas? I'm taking it back in next week and would like to be able to speak to the issue with some semblance of knowledge. Thanks for reading.

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read up on the sticky in the injection thread. Can you kill or slow down the engine at idle by putting your thumb over the idle air intake tower. the one that has a hose going from it to the air cleaner housing on one end and the other has the 5 bout quarter inch black vacuum hoses? It should be sucking all the air needed for idle through that opening. If not the rod lengths are out of whack. That's as good as anyplace to start.
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