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Help Please

I have just bought a Marlin with a dohc alfa romeo engine and box with twin 40 dcoe carbs etc.
The engine number on the v5 is not the same as the engine no on the engine.

The real engine no is AR 00512 * S20921 on the block near the bell housing.

can anyone tell me the engine size, in cc, of it and where I will find the timing marks on the crankshaft pulley and on the front of the engine block.

Thanks for your help

mcteg :eek:

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Engine type 00512 is a 2000cc engine first produced in 1971. The letter 'S' in the engine number means it is a Standardized engine (for emissions), and combined with the the 20921 sequential serial number, would put it about a 1973 vintage.

There are three timing marks on the inner flat portion of the front pulley.
P = Punto = top dead center (TDC)
F = Fissa = fixed (idle speed) timing mark
M = Massimo = maximum timing advance mark
The marks were not struck with much authority and can quite difficult to see. Sanding/cleaning the pulley will reveal them. Many folks highlight the marks with a dab of paint or similar.
The pointer is bolted to the bottom of the waterpump just below the tachometer cable drive on the left side of the engine. Many engines have adjustable pointers (not to mention that the fairly thin sheet metal it's made of is quite easy to bend) so ensuring that the pointer is indeed at TDC is a must do.
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