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Ok then... not bad at all! The ultimate conclusion will be when I will open the engine for maintenance/repair. However is strange why compression is so high. I will make also a volumetric measurement to see compression ratio...
Well it looks like you have a mystery engine alright OR your measurement tools or skills need improvement.

I just measured a 1750 and a 2 litre block at 35 mm top of flat part of water pump to head/block joint.

1300 is 0.0 mm and 1600 22mm

That 3 inside the circle indicates the head was cast in a year ending in 3. so 1973, 1983, 1993. The 5 dots (or is it 7) indicated month of May. Of course the head may not be original to the engine.

Thanks for the info. Certainly the height measured is not 0.00mm or 22.00mm. The pump profile has a small step, so i said 38-40mm depending how you put the ruler and certainly it was an average measurement not a professional one. See also attached photo taken later today from the back side of the block (not the head). Regarding head, which combinations head/block are possible to these engines?


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