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Engine head nuts removal

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I need to add the engine lifting bracket on my fresh rebuilt Nord 2,0l engine. Can I unscrew just the two center head nuts, or is it risky and the head could be damaged? Thank you
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Be sure engine is cold. Remove the radiator cap. (no coolant pressure) remove center nuts. Add special hardened thin washers over installed bracket studs. Oil stud threads LIGHTLY, Install nuts and retorque using cold torque figures. You should be fine. A warm re-torque after driving a bit is a good plan. Retorque all, with radiator cap removed.
Thank you, Gordon. The engine is fresh rebuilt, has not run yet. I need the bracket to get it into the car. So is it the same as you posted except the radiator part-remove nuts, hardened washers and retorgue using cold torgue figures?
Un-run is better! Just as you mention above. No coolant, no problem with pressure leaks.
You are NOT alone in forgetting the lifting bracket. It happens a lot.
I don't know what you have and if it's true for all models (Alfettas?) but you mentioned putting the lifting eye on the center two studs. It is typically a much easier install if you locate the eye on the next pair forward.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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