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For Sale: A rather odd engine.

The block is a 750, from a 1958 Spider according to my research. Block number is AR 1315 43654. Crank appears to be standard. (Glenn O and I pulled a main cap and Glenn measured a few days ago. Bearings are standard, albeit shot.).

Head however is a 101. Number on front is 10100-01500-05. Thickness is 4.386. Head has been milled on top (yes, on top where studs come through) so it would fit on 750 block with shorter studs. Cams appear to be OE.

Front cover is also not 750 (and note the top tab is broken off).

Flywheel and ring gear are 750.

$500 for the entire "engine." Engine is in Berkeley at Glenn's shop. Local pick up much preferred, but shipping possible depending on demand for this mongrel. (When and with what I acquired this is lost in the haze of Alfas past. Would it matter?) No oil pan included. (Pan in photos, in keeping with the rest, is from an Alfetta.)

PM or email at [email protected]
Happy to send photos.
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