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Still trying to decided so here is another question.

How much did you spend on an engine build, (if you dont mind me asking) And what exactly did you spend that money on?

Also, what is worth while doing and what is not really needed for a good performance build up?

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all depends how far you wanna go with it.

in your case with the gtv, i'd go with the 10:4:1 pistons cuz you are gonna have to buy them anyways when doing a rebuild; might as well kick it up a notch.

good performance rebuild for the street would be:
10:4:1 pistons
oversized valves
at least a euro cam

this will be a little more than if you were to do it stock and you would have noticable more power. if you go higher compression pump gas won't do it anymore. also, you could port the head a little but that's not really needed unless you really want it.

those are my thoughts and suggestion based on "been there, done that"

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Hey Levin:

Adding to what Anthony said, I would recommend aggressively porting and polishing the head and matching the intake and exhaust, new valve seats, resurfacing the head, polishing the rods, balancing, blueprinting, high rev valve springs, and a new ignition system.

I think parts, depending what you may have, will run you in the neighborhood of $2k-2500. Then the rest is who is building and what they charge and what the machine shop charges. You can cut into the cost by sourcing inexpensive cams, carbs, headers, and ignitions on ebay. I have seen performance cams go as little as $200. The early 70s cast iron free flow headers that comes off as two pipes is thought to be pretty good (some think they are better than the aftermarket ones) and can source them on ebay fairly inexpensively. DCOE webers will be as high as $300 per pair used or $550 new. Plus you need a manifold, spica block off plate, etc. Or you can go with a Ingram pump for around $700 if you are spica injected. You might find a MSD 6 series or Crane Hi6 ignition box for as little as $100. You will be lucky to find high compression pistons on ebay. Cost new on those w/ liners and rings runs $400.

I have always thought with a performance build, its either all or none. In general if you don't go all the way, the engine just doesn't take advantage of what improvements you have made.

In any case, unless you are building it yourself, its going to cost a pretty penny.

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I had my engine rebuilt for my old 78 spider
about 7years ago. I have been shopping for parts
on for my 71 GTV, and it seems that parts have
not gone up significatly. As an example, I bought
10.4:1 Borgo's for my spider for around $350, I
think they are now about $380, so about 8.5% more.

I removed the engine, and dissasembled it, took the
head in with my own parts, and I think the total
for the head was about $1000, this included valves,
spings, seals, and all machine work.

I then took the bottom end appart, and took my parts
to the machine shop, and had them polish the crank,
balance everything, chase all threads, dunk it,
and intall all the new parts I bought. I think my
total on this was about $1800, and this included
Borgo 10.4:1, new oil pump, new chains, new bearings,
all new con rod bolts, bushings, gaskets, polish
all gasket surfaces, etc.

What really starts to add up is when you wnat to
recore you radiator, new clutch, new clutch master,
and slave, I put on a Marelli Plex, new brake
master cylinder, and servo, new fan, new motor
and tranny mounts, donut, and support bearings,
new tie rod ends, and the list went on and on.
I think I spent around $8K all told, with me doing
as much work as possible myself.

Oh, forgot that I also went thru the spica pump,
new thermostatic actuator, new fuel pump, this
ran me about $1100.

Not a cheap proposition, if you want to do it right,
and have a very reliable car. But man she ran
great!! Worth every penny. Then I sold her for
just $3500:rolleyes:
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