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Going through the yearly get ready for next year things to do:

This last week I got the following done.
1. Pull the injectors last week to be flow tested, got them back this week and reinstalled them.
2. Borescope the cylinders.
3. Leak down test.
4. Time for brake fluid flush this year and got it done. 2nd flush after having ATE Blue in there.
5. Under body wipe down.
6. Engine bay detail.
7. Re-glue air box gasket
8. Install a new valve cover gasket.

This week will be a
1. Exterior wipe down and wax.
2. Clay bar the rockers and lower sections.
3. Interior wipe down, vacuum and glass cleaning.
4. Wheels and tires.
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Thank you for the likes!

I spent 2.5 hrs on Sunday working on the following:
1. Wipe down the wheel wells, cleaning the wheels on both sides, applying tire dressing on the outside and mounting the wheels. The tire dressing looks wet but it’s dry to the touch and will last for weeks!

2. Wipe down the exterior with a quick detail spray wax which included removing bugs from the front and the road grim and tar on the rockers and on rear bumper skirts and cleaning the exhaust crap from the rear bumper and license plate and tail lights.

The pictures show how it looks after the wipe down with a quick detail spray before any clay work or waxing.
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Have to buy some clay tomorrow and then I will use the clay on the rockers and front bumper then I will use a black wax sealant on those areas. Then a slow panel by panel wax and polish on the balance of the car.

After the waxing is done I will use a chrome cleaner on the chrome around the windshield and door vent windows. Then comes the glass cleaner and interior detail.

I figure it will take a week or two by putting a little bit of work in between the other stuff going on.

I’ll update with pictures as the work progresses. Including an under carriage picture before I take it off the jack stands.

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Very nice spider and I find your attention to detail very satisfying as I have been detailing my GTV all winter. Lots of work. I did notice the suede like material on your seats appear to be a bit discolored? Could be photos but wonder if you have considered painting the suede ? I found SEM fabric spray pain works great on everything from carpets to vinyl to even leather and come in many colors . Just a suggestion.
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