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Car Disc [<- link] has copies of the Alfa Shop Manuals on CD.

Pat Braden's books are good general reference material - often including ideas for the home mechanic.

This BB will be one of your best sources of info of all things Alfa*. Use the search function to check for BTDT's and then post any questions you have. Be sure to post/reply with any solutions you come up with - that'll help other Alfa owners.

BB member PapaJam has excellent color-coded wire diagrams for many Alfa models. Send him a PM and ask if he has what you need. He'll email you a .pdf file. I went to an office supply store and had them print the wire diagram out on 11" X 17" paper then laminate it. Cost me about $5.

* PapaJam will suggest a donation to the BB - to help keep it alive. I second the idea. Please consider it.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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