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Hi all,

I have recently finalized the construction of my Alfa Romeo AR06224 (75/Milano) Competizione Engine, built from scratch and prepared by one of the most famous Engine Builder in the south of Italy.

I report here the MAIN characteristics.
The engine is currently fitted into my 1750GTV.
I sell that because I am starting a new project.

  • Block and Cylinder head from 75 AR06224 ready to be fitted into a 105 series.
  • Inlet and exhaust valves with increased sizes.
  • Vales made by special INOX for high-temperatures performance
  • Squish (low! further details on interested people)
  • Strengthened and high-performance spring
  • New and optimized oil pump (from Spruell motorsport)
  • Lightened flywheel
  • Deep Porting and Polish
  • Custom made camshafts with an aggressive profile (12.5) (further details only to interested people)
  • Pistons (84) and liners from JE Pistons (specifically designed)
  • Lightwetened H-beam connection rods.
  • Chemical treatment (nitruration) and following equilibration of crack
  • Two Weber45 DCOE with increased main jet and other details.
  • Inlet manifold from AH-motorsport.
  • Exhaust manifold in special INOX from alfaholics.
  • CR 11:3
  • Engine has only 400 Km (not dynoed yet)
  • Expected power 220 BHP
  • Idle nicely and smooth at 950 rpm
  • Usage: fast-street/track-day ( > 98 octane only)

Dozens of Invoices available.
Dozens of pictures during assembly available.

Attached some photos. (Video available privately).

Eventually, there is a chance to have 8-wire ignition system (GTA one)

Price to discuss privately.

Hope you will appreciate the 4-month long preparation and work.



PS. I would like to upload a video but I don't know how.


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