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I have only discovered this forum some weeks ago. That is after owning a 1986 Spider series 3, in the Netherlands for some 25 years! Lots of interesting information and lots of activity on this forum, I am really enjoying it!

About a week ago I came across this thread, also listed in the FAQ:

Darren posted an excellent solution to the dreaded “snapped hood release cable”. Very simple, very effective. So I decided to replicate. But as I got going, I made a few improvement (at least that is how I see them). So I present to you; the emergency hood release Mk2. From Europe, so we should call it an emergency bonnet release Mk2, but lets just call that sementics for now:

First thing, a new bracket to be mounted in conjunction with the existing under the hood release mechanism:



Next, I wanted to run the emergency outer cable parallel to the existing outer cable. Which meant drilling a little hole in the grommet letting the cable from the engine bay into the Spider interior

The next trick was to get the new outer cable through. I did manage to push it trough, but it went all over the place. In the end, I made this tiny little “follower” from a piece of wire. Pushed the new outer cable through and this little gadget keeps it close to the original one! Worked perfectly!


I decided to have the emergency release behind the original release. So made another little brackets. Bolts on to two existing bolts of the bracket of the original lever assembly


Run the inner cable through, greased it. By the way, the outer/inner cable and some of these other parts are all from the bicycle shop around the corner from us>


Very simple bits from the bicycle shop to secure the new cable to the original cable



Under the dashboard, behind the original lever I mounted the second bracket. I just looped the inner cable, another bike shop bit and a simple electrical connector keeps the end in a nice loop!


Done, one new emergency hood/bonnet release, installed!!


Again, many thanks to Darren for the original Mk1 design and the inspiration I got from it!

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Nice job. I've had it on my list to do something similar. My cable to the hood latch moves easily and smoothly, but one never knows......
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