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Electronic ignition for 105 Giulia Duetto GTV

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I found on Ebay this product to easy convert to electronic ignition :

And I wonder if somebody of here has already test this product or what do you think of this ?

This new product is really seducting, so...

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IAP are selling it for $100 less. I ordered one yesterday. Do a search and you will find more information.
Ed Prytherch
Ok great, thanks for the price comparsion, classic alfa is 100€ less, but does this product work fine ? that's my real question. Is it easy to change for this one. Because I'm changing my solex to DellOrto and I will do a complete motor adjustement OHC and valve and I have a Marelli which is always unsettled, so I would like to invest in this...

PiperyelloGTV2k is a great suggesting name ! mine is Piper Yellow too and same year, marvelous color I post mine there :

Mine here

Those kits look very similar to what 123ignition in the Netherland Link: Click Here sells... They do not list anything for Alfas on their web site but I am pretty sure that they make these kits.

Just FYI,
Google 123ignition and you will find reports from folks who have installed them on Triumphs, MG's, etc. The reports seem to be positive. I doubt that Classic Alfa and IAP would want to sell them unless they were confident of the quality.
Ed Prytherch
Tiger0529 you're right, it seems to be 123ignition which make this, I find this on their website :Manual for Alfa

and it also on their new PDF brochure : New Brochure

seems to be good quality too... I'll try to contact them directly
In Germany you can get one fro 279 €, see (in german):

Brits'n'Pieces - Ersatzteile für Oldtimer/Youngtimer

Please note that 2 types are available: 1 with vacuum regulation an 1 w/o.

I think I'll buy one too, looks to me as a good product with many interesting features. I'll put my worn old cast iron Bosch JF4 on the shelf next to the worn original Bosch dynamo...
Any idea how much performance that will add, as compared to a perfectly tunes conventional ignition?
Hi all,
I have a dumb question: how does the 123Ignition compare/differ from the electronic distributor that Centerline sells? The 123Ignition unit does provide various advance curves and other cool features, but are they fundamentally similar?

I am complete newbie in this distributor-and-carburetor world. I apologize if this has been covered before.


123ignition distributor

I installed mine today. I selected the Bosch 0 231 178 006 curve. The idle is a lot better than with the 'Plex. It also picks up better from low revs in 4th gear. I have not driven it hard but I suspect that the acceleration from 3000 to 5000 is worse than before. This is a very slow advance curve and I will try a more aggressive one soon. I was unable to set the timing at full advance as the strobe light was dancing around. Could be a problem with the strobe or maybe the distributor. I hate to use static timing even though it is easy to do with this distributor.

Ed Prytherch
79 Spider
2 x 88 Verde's
I just bought a 123 ignition set without the vacuum regulation for on my 2.0 Giulia
Asoon I have installed the thing I will let you know the results

A distributor performs 3 functions:

- Triggers the coil. The distributors that came with pre 1980's Alfas did this with points & condensor. Newer distributors, aftermarket models sold by Centerline and others, as well as the 123, do this electronicly - using a photo-electric, hall effect, or magnetic trigger. In this area, the 123 is the same as other "electronic" distributors sold by Centerline et al.

- Sends the spark to the correct plug. All distributors handle this function the same way, using a rotor and cap. So, again, 123 is like the others.

- Changes the phase of the spark based on rpm - this function is called "advance", since the spark needs to lead the crankshaft by a greater amount as rpm increases. This is because the flame in the combustion chamber takes time to propagate, so when the engine goes faster, you need to light the fire sooner. In this area, the 123 differs from all other distributors that I am aware of. Other distributors perform this function mechanically, using springs and weights. The 123 does it with electronics, making it simpler to change the advance curve, and providing greater accuracy & consistency.

Cheez - I sound like a shill for 123! Note that I've never owned one, or even seen one. Still, it seems like a neat idea. Obviously a crankshaft-fired ignition has the potential to be even better, as you don't have timing inaccuracy due to slop in the crankshaft-oilpump gears. But, the 123 device is a lot simpler to install.
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This dizzy sounds pretty trick. It might be my 75% answer to running a crank fire on my race car. The issue is many historic run groups don't like crank fires because they are too modern. If I had something that looked like a stock dizzy, that would be sweet. I think I'm going to have to research this a little bit as I doubt there is one that will work on my Datsun straight off the shelf.

Thanks alfaparticle for your test, hope you'll find the problem to set the timing, and I'am and we are really waiting for more informations from you and from Giulia Bianca ! I'am really interested by this product and I think to buy one around february.

Alfaparticle, did you bought the model with vaccum advance or without ? because I don't have really information about this, some people told me thats for the pollution and other told me that's for the power... Is it plug on carbs ? Mine, DellOrto, don't have this plug, perhaps there is other way to link it, if this is really essential...

Thanks to Bertonemorten too for the Brits'n'Pieces adress, they are the better price I've found for European market, they seems to have a great high-performance coil too... sells the models with or without vaccum advance, that's ok but also with a cable entry on top or on side...can't see what it mean ?

I received it today, will install it this week
I have payed €260 for the version without the vacuum, with vacuum would cost €290 both VAt included
I bought the one without vacuum advance. I have owned several Spiders and GTV's and none of them had vacuum advance. I think that it is not needed.

I am going to adjust my Webers to see if I can run with a leaner idle circuit. Then I will install a new 12.3 mm intake cam. Then I will experiment with advance curves and timing.

I think any distributor/coil combination that has 1-optical or magnetic triggering
2- the advance curves built in electroncially and not by using centrifical weights
is going to be the cat's ***!... The only upgrade I can think of is maybe downloading an advance curve from the internet for a special application such as high compression and/or "big" cams, or hot driving weather when it's possible to get just about any motor to ping with the quality of unleaded fuels we're required to use.
This unit , the 123, seem to be a good upgrade for those of us who still have a points ignition and were wanting the convenience of a breakerless ignition. Now you can get precise and programmed spark advance as well!
Hopefully some of the guys on this board who have actually used one will chime in with their impressions...?
Top or sideway connection ? I dont understand the top-option, so the sideway would be the natural choise, see also (In english :) ) Note the expanding no. of programmes, so be sure to get the latest version (or a lower price for an older version).
Theoretically it should be possible to use the 8 cilinder distributor with a twin spark engine. This as the alternative of hacking a distributor with a nissan cap. Any experience on this?
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