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I'm driving home in the rain yesterday, and suddenly all internal gauges (with the exception of the speedo) and the radio go dead. Hmmm, I thought...probably a fuse.

Well, it was a fuse...and apparently there is a short somewhere in the system because a new fuse blows within 2 minutes of starting the car.

Are there common problems that would cause this short? How do I best determine what is causing it.

I had a similar problem earlier with the car (chronicalled below in an earlier post) but it "went away".

Now it's back with a vengence. Help anyone?



I've got a curious electrical problem.

The heater fan does not work, and may be seized up (light in the switch for the fan goes on, but fan doesn't spin...I've spun it manually with a pencil, but no go...).

That isn't the curious part...

While driving, it seems at random, gauges and radio will, together stop working. There's enough juice getting to the radio (low end tape and radio) to keep the display glowing, but not to power the receiver.

Now here's the wierd part. If I switch on the still doesn't run, but it brings my tach and radio back to life (like a reset buttion).

I figure there's a short at the fan, but wanted to know if anyone else had experienced this rather quirky problem.
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