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Looking for an electrical diagram for a 1989 3.0 ltr 6V Alfa 75/Milano.

Trying to tackle the continuous flashing lights of the Alfa control.

If any body could point out the sensor points for the top left flashing ‘oil dipstick’ it would be greatly appreciated.

At one end in the engine bay under the actual dipstick there is a double male plug and this should be wired to………..?

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There are some very good resources available for the 75 at "Craig's Place" at the link below.
Craig's Place, Alfa 75 Manuals and Information

Lots of scans of manaul sections.
Group 40 and 43 are electrical related.
Page 40-39 shows details of the 'Sensors and Senders'
The 'Low Oil switch is "L12" at the bottom centre of the page, fed by grey/red wires.

There are also many threads on the forum concerning flashing lights on the ARC.
One you should check out before you go to far is

Hope this helps and have a search throught the Milano/75 board.

Regards, Alan.
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