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1984 Spider Veloce
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Just acquired an S3 Spider in really good shape, but the suspension needs some work. It's squeaky, creaky and a bit clunky. I'm guessing it could use a full refresh of bushing and ball joints.

I have an appointment with Glenn at Oliveria Engineering in Berkley... for the end of September. Which is great, but I'd hate to rattle it apart before then (and save some of the more esoteric work for Oliveria).

The Previous Previous Owner had a chassis stiffener, roll bar, thicker anti-sways, IAP performance springs and Koni Red's put in, as well as 205/50-15 shoes. I've order a set of higher profile tires and would actually like to ease up the stiffness and raise it back a little more towards stock to deal with the horrible state of Oakland streets.

Any recommendations for a strategy? Can a really good suspension shop be trusted? Take it to a farther away Alfa specialist like Roselli's, Alfaman or SF or Walnut Creek? What would you all do?

Thanks in advance!

Earl Stirling
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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