Hi all,

I bought this early 105 Giulia Jaeger instrument combi on an autojumble some time ago. It was probably hanging on the wall for decades at a dealer or in a mancave.
I always wondered whether there were any of them made for the US market ( kilometers versus miles ) ?
It would be nice to hang it again on the wall at my place but if someone is desperately looking for this instrument, then I would definitely sell it, parts are made for working in a car, not hanging at the wall.
You can buy it with or without the wooden framework, as long as you pay for the transport.
So, shipment from Belgium and Paypal fees at the buyer's expense !
The glass is perfect, all gauges are there but they are not tested. One connecting pin of the oil gauge is broken.
Both the KM counters are probably reset by the former owner. The housings for the bulbs are missing. Therefore, have a good look at the pictures, you would buy precisely what you see !
I see some minimal paint starting to crack in one particular section, see also pictures.
Btw extra pictures can be made on demand.
If interested, please send me a PM, thanks.

Best Regards,


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