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dunop brake MC

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Hi there I doing a resto on a 66 sprint veloce, that needs a rebuilt DUNLOP brake mc , should I get it rebuilt or change it out for another Alfa MC...thanks in advance
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Without knowing the internal condition of your Dunlop cylinder, I can't advise you on whether it can be rebuilt.

I have had better luck with the ATE style cylinders - they are simpler in design. Classic Alfa carries them for $170 - their p/n is BR074. Yes, this is more than the cost of a rebuild kit for your Dunlop MC, but it is all-new and again, I feel a better design. Your existing hard lines will fit, though you will need to re-bend them a bit.

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Thank you Jay, ATE is the right move !
If you want to read more about this, see the thread about my Dunlop --> ATE MC conversion at:

Hmm... sounds like every air traveler's nightmare. Just as you snap on your seatbelt, the guy next to you says "let me tell you about my conversion".
yes I checked out the abc s since everything is out of the car it wont be too difficult, grazie
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