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Duetto Top Frame

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I have some questions concerning the operation of the top frame on a 66 Duetto. The frame is attached to the body with a plate that bolts onto the car. On the plate there is a pin which is connected to part of the top frame which has a slot that appears to rotate on the pin. The pin has a split pin that controls the total movement of the frame on the pin.
Is this pin (aside from the split pin, it also has an attached flange on the body plate) supposed to rotate with the top frame connection or is it supposed to be rigid and not rotate?
On my car the pin has broken free from the plate and I am trying to fine out has it is located in the plate and how it operates. The driver side pin appears to have slight movement, while the passenger side is detached.
Your help would be appreciated. You can call me at 610-987-3115 or simply respond in writing.
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I think it should be able to rotate - if necessary. I just restored my top and made sure that the pin can rotate... These pins frequently get rusted and hence frozen in place which under repeated stress will cause the pin to fail... is the pin retained in the mounting bracket? Just a slip fit with a flared end? What would result if the pin was rigidly attached to the mounting bracket and the frame element rotated on the pin? Thanks, Tony
it is retained by an e-clip that fits into a machined groove ... dont have a pic unfortunately
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