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In honor of the Duetto's 40th anniversary, I thought it might be interesting to discuss RHD and LHD Duetto parts differences.

I have a right hand drive Duetto. Here in Australia, all cars are required to be RHD, with only vintage car exceptions permitted.

Only (approx.) 380 Duettos and 100 Roundtails were ever built in the RHD configuration, most being produced in LHD for the European and USA markets. Although the majority of RHD Duettos apparently were shipped to Britain, we see quite a few good to excellent condition Duettos here in Australia.

The Alfa BB talks a lot about the peculiarities and differences between US and Euro spec.'ed cars. Generally, in terms of specifications, the RHDs are all seem to be pretty similar to the Euro spec, except for their "right handedness".

There are many parts on Duettos which come in pairs - both right handed and left - including things like seat frames, doors, indicator lights etc - so that the RHD Duetto doesn't have a problem with parts replacements in many cases, and can use LHD car parts.

One part of interest is the wheel bolts and studs which in the originally shipped car (at least in Australia) had clockwise and anticlockwise threads for either side of the car. (I wonder how many Concours judges find time to loosen the wheel bolts to see whether the wheel studs are still original and have different thread directions for either side of the car?)

However, other parts are "Chiral" and so have a single "handedness" for a RHD or LHD car. There are some obvious examples, including the dash panel, and the angled gauges on the dash. A more subtle one though is the passenger side door pull which is only "chiral" where it joins the door body, which you can't see until you take the door panel away.

Replacement or remanufactured parts for LHD Duettos aren't too hard to find, as BB readers know. However, for the RHD car, these "chiral" parts are quite rare, and sometimes even unavailable.

One item I need and which has been bugging me for a whle now is a rubber mat set. Of course, Sill matts, rear mats etc, work for both RHD and LHD cars. However, the floor matts differ for the RHD and LHD due to the change in driver side. I have not been able to find RHD rubber mats anywhere, although I have had a few offers of LHD mats, but don't think I can make these work for me using mirrors, of whatever. Unfortunately a rubber mats remanufacturer may not be inspired to produce RHD mats sets, given the low number of Duettos and Roundtails produced in RHD.

I have also been wondering how long the list is of parts that are RHD specific for the Duetto and/or for the Roundtail and that can't be properly fitted from a LHD car?

it seems that one item on my car that hasn't been worried about by the Duetto designers is the trunk release and lock. On my RHD car, it is still on the passenger (left side) - i.e. where it would have been placed next to the driver's left arm on a LHD car.


Greg Smith
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