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My Duetto in progress in Texas


I am Jim McCray. I have a Duetto in restoration. Paint and body done, engine and tranny done but will be installed toute suite. The engine, tranny and finishing up are being done by Bob Fernald, who operated the Alfa dealership in Austin Texas until Alfa gave up the ghost. I was ****ed lucky to be fit into his limited schedule. I do not intend to profit on this one. I overpaid, just the luck of the draw, by about 4K. The body looked good but when the body was "saved" by someone in Wyoming, the body shop was not into restoration. They simply cut out the offending rust and instead of doing patches of metal to the shape of the cut-out, they covered the whole thing from the outside and welded away. Nice work for a driver, but not what we expect for a restoration. All the offending patches were removed and the proper flush method of metal replacement was done. The car is finished in Medium blue, which is a bright blue not as dark asNavy Blue. The interior will be done in what Alfa considered "red" in those days. The color is what I would call "burgundy". The interior pieces were supplied ny Alfaholics in England. The rest of the interior will be original equipment rubber. The transmission tunnel will be done in a little brighter red because that is what Alfa did. We are trying to do it as close to stock as possible. It was originally this blue and the interior was also what Alfa called "red".

I only have a couple of pictures of the finish painted car. I will attach them to this message. The new engine is 1.6L, dead solid new stock with 2 40mm Webers. By the time I complete the car, which should take only 3 or 4 months, I will have between 35K to 40K. in it. I hope to recover my cost and the market has begun to respond very favorably to well-done restorations. Europeans treasure Duetto's and the car is basically a Euro-spec car, so there is no issue with maintenance like the 69 Duettos that were mechanically fuel injected. I didn't quite get the N.A. in your message. I am in Houston Texas. Where are you?

I hope this description is enough for a first look. I need to put a book out there on someone's cloud so on can see every picture i have of the process. The car was stripped down to bare metal and all the interior floor pans were removed and replae with Alfa-spec panels. We will paint the interior with POR 15 to preserve andy of the parts that are subject to corrosion. We will also put down DynaMat under all the rubber and carpet pieces. And, finally, NO RADIO,DaMMIT!

Kind regards, Jim McCray Phone 713 703 2000
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