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Duetto hardtop

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I recieved a Catalogue from Vick autosports and they have a pic of a Duetto hardtop on the cover. I was told that you could get that hardtop for a duetto but now it was discontinued. Is that true?
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never heard of vick autosports. do they have a web site? how are their prices and parts availablity?
Vick Autosports

Vick Autosports website is and there prices seem to be resonable. I don't know about there parts availablitly because i haven't ordered anything from them.
Recently ordered some 2l big valves and a bunch of oddball 1750 stuff. They had it stock; I had it 3 days. Pretty good service.

No financial interest yada yada...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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