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Offering for sale part of my spare parts I acquired in the event of an unfortunate front end collision that fortunately never occurred! The pieces are stainless steel 50 years old, straight with minor imperfections...slight bumps and light scratches over the past five decades...that still present very well and are superior to a brand new stainless steel set that gleam too much, are 'way too expensive and have no patina that would go with your period Duetto. The price is right at $240 per front end section and $125 for the rear sections each, with no over-riders or lolly pops available. No lights but the frames for the front parking lights are still attached properly. Shipping from zip code 10510 is the responsibility of the buyer. Cash or PayPal accepted.

Thanks, ...see my ad here in the Alfabb dated March 19th, 2016 for many more items...

Bob Little
[email protected] for photo requests.
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