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The right front stainless steel bumper on my 1966 Duetto had half a dozen various size dents or dings on the leading edge. The car either came to me with a dinged bumper 35 years ago or I've hit some large bugs. It really was not bad enough to warrant replacement of the bumper but it wasn't as good as it should be. Yes, the hood is open...
Bumper dings.jpg

After pulling the bumper off the car and taking it apart, I used the back end of a chisel and a big hammer to bash the dings back out from the inside. I tried to make the dings pop out, just ever so slightly more than the original surface level.
dings pounded out.jpg

I used a small file to smooth out the surface and again tapped out any missed low spots.
dings filed out.jpg

Finally after much experimentation and some luck, the rough filed surface was hand sanded using 320, 400, 600, 800, 1000,1500 and finally 3000 grit wet or dry sand paper. It helps to sand at a different 45 to 90 degree angle when changing each grit paper.
Polished upper bumper.jpg

One of the mounting brackets on the lower bumper was found to have broken welds and is now with a welder for repairs.
Polished lower bumper.jpg

If you have badly damaged bumpers, reproductions are available. If your bumpers have minor dings, it is possible to repair them, it just takes some time and effort. If your stainless bumpers are just dull or have tiny scratches; 3M makes a 3,000 grit 'wet or dry' foam pad that does an amazing job of polishing stainless.

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