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Duetto B post cover

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I bought a new B post cover for the Duetto , I could only find pieces of the old one , not sure I ever had the whole B post cover on that side. The new one is not a "right out of the box fit" .The edge against the door seal has to be trimmed down . On the side do have (original) , the edge of the plastic cover seems to go - just a little bit- over the door seal (the wedge that clamps to the body) . Can a Duetto owner confirm that this is how it should be. Here is a photo of the old and new one. Thanks
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I had to replace that piece on the passenger side of my 67. It needed a lot of material removed in order for it to fit properly.
I just looked thru my photos and it doesn't look like I took any pictures when I did mine. But what you're showing looks correct.
Thanks , Good to know before I start cutting
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