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duetto air cleaner hose clamps

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anyone have a source for the correct oval hose clamps for the air cleaner hose? I've check several of the usual vendors and have had no luck. I'd even be happy with a couple of used ones if anyone has any for sale. best regards, Paul
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I found mine at Highwood in England. Look on the supplier's list. His prices are very reasonable and takes about a week. They look really good. He has the hoses also along with all the other clamps. Chris is his name
Thank you Stan. I was able to get all the clamps from the guys over at APE. Thanks APE. Quick question. What is the correct color for the hose? I have seen both brown and black available.
My very original is black - a canvas looking material. Actually a dark greyish color, like most black canvas is .....

Be wary of the reproduction ones that are not a true oval section. Sort of come to a point on the sides. I was not able to use my stock clamps with them. I think that the wall is thicker than the originals.
Chris at Highwood has some new clamps that you set the size yourself. They are reproduction and look very good! I also got my hose from him and it looks really good.
Black. No kinks and fits very well.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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