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Drowsey Tach in a monopod

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'88 Spider with a sleepy tach. I've never seen anything like it. It works, but it can't get above about 1800 rpm and shows idle around 500. Even flying down the freeway it shows under 2K. Where would you even start looking?
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You can start with this thread:

If it's *really* bad you won't be able to adjust it into spec and will need to replace the pot. A local guy fixed and calibrated mine for a very reasonable price.
A very doable fix if not totally pooched.

I used the method by JohnM to fix both my speedometer and tach.

It took a few times to get it close enough.

Just remember the conversion of speed vs tach in 5th gear is 22.14mph per 1000rpm. Warm idle will be around 800rpm.

That is if your speedometer is accurate.:D

I checked that with a GPS.

Good luck.

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Actually not an issue with either of my Spiders, it was something in a prospective purchase car(along with other issues). I already passed on the car so thankfully I won't have to deal with it. Thanks for the input everyone! :)
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