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That is no doubt the reason for the removable cross member under the front section. One ABB member came close to having his leg amputated when the Giubo let go.
Sorry, meant to say "front of the rear shaft dropping down".

Summit Racing, Jegs, etc all have generic driveshaft safety hoops for drag and other race cars. I'm sure something could be adapted or fabbed up. I just today saw a tiny little hoop on a TZ, barely bigger than the driveshaft, which has IRS so the driveshaft in theory doesn't move much.


I'm aware of safety hoops, tunnel blankets etc. for racing and they all look kind of bulky, heavy duty pieces. Was thinking of something that looks like a stock item for a street car. Whole center support bracket with some reinforcement might work.
What do you mean by IRS?
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